What is a garden coach? A garden coach is an expert with a deep love for gardening, dedicated to guiding new and intermediate gardeners in the rewarding experience of gathering fresh produce or blooms from their own backyard.

Why would you need a garden coach? You want to grow your own food but struggle with where to start or feel defeated when issues arise in your garden.

What you get when you hire a garden coach? Like working alongside any other 'coach', you'll acquire knowledge, confidence, and identify your strengths while we collaborate during the growing season.

During the typical growing season of April-October, I will conduct monthly garden visits (1-1 1/2 hr) to assist with identifying necessary preventative maintenance - pruning, plant care, succession planting, weeding, and disease assessment.

You will also have direct access to me to ask any questions throughout the month.

What is the cost of this service? Starting at $60/month. Price will depend on the size of your growing space. If your space is larger than 4 4x8' growing beds, the monthly visit will be longer to adequately assess the space.

Can we start halfway through the growing season? Of course! This is when most new gardeners get discouraged because of pests or plant disease, so I'm happy to help come alongside you to finish the season strong!

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  • In My Scope of Services

    • Edible Landscape
    • Vegetable Gardens
    • Drip Line install on existing sprinkler systems
    • Intensive Planting producing higher yields
  • Outside of My Scope of Services

    • Ornamental Landscape
    • Large Projects requiring heavy equipment
    • Conventional Methods ie. spraying round up or using pesticides
    • Irrigation installation

Need a full jumpstart?

Add a consultation and planting services! $125 Consultation Fee + Install/Planting Fees).

Available April-October.

What’s Included:

  • On Site Consultation
  • Spring/Summer Planting
  • Late Summer/Fall Planting