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3" Onion - Approx. 15 plants

3" Onion - Approx. 15 plants

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Yellow Sweet Spanish OnionsThese sweet mild onion bulbs can grow to weigh up to a pound or more. Yellow Sweet Spanish has fair storage characteristics. Use them for soups, stews, and even stir fries. 130 days to harvest

Red Wethersfield OnionsThis impressive dark red onion with unmatched flavor was the main export of the area. Its flattened purple globes and pungent flesh made this variety a fast favorite. 100 days to harvest.

Pompeii OnionsThis mini onion is perfect for bunching or cooking as a pearl variety. Cultivated from a short-day onion to grow in a long-day zone to produce small pearl onions. Grows in very uniform shapes, perfect for pickling. 65 days to harvest.


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Full Sun

Always Non-GMO. Heirloom when available. Grown without the use of herbicides, pesticides or synthetic fertilizers by Boise Backyard Gardens.

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