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Chandler Blueberry

Chandler Blueberry

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The fruits of the Chandler Blueberry are HUGE! Each berry will encompass a nickel, with some being the size of a quarter. The fruits are a pleasure to eat, having the taste of the blueberries found in the wild, only in a giant size berry. We highly recommend the berries to be eaten fresh from the bushes to enjoy the mouth watering sweet flavors. The fruits of Chandler ripen in mid to late season when many varieties have completed their fruiting time. Chandler berries can be enjoyed over a 6 week harvest period. This is 3 weeks longer than other blueberry varieties. In the later days of harvest, the fruits become sugar sweet. Once the plants are mature, you can expect 15 pounds of fruit per year. Chandler is a must own for every gardener!

Self pollinating, so you will get fruit with only one bush! For a bigger harvest, pair with Legacy for pollination.

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